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Why Work With A Broker

An experienced Insurance Broker guides you to making the best-informed decisions for you and your family.

We work directly with numerous insurers. Among these are an elite group of superlative companies we have designated as our core insurer partners. 

We have chosen them for their:

Strong service ethic and excellence

Willingness to work as team members and partners

Commitment to the local independent agency and the local community

Expertise and Access

Using a Broker's expertise will guide in making the best-informed decisions. An Insurance Broker is your own personal trusted advisor. They work for your best interest and not the insurance companies. Insurance Brokers have wider access to a variety of insurance plans that an individual would not have access to as a consumer. Some insurance companies only work with an Insurance Broker and do not offer their products directly to individuals.

Responsiveness at a time when you need it most

In a time of need you want to be able to get on with your life in a timely manner. Insurance Brokers work for you, they are your advocate, they can get you quick answers to your questions and claims. 

Our expertise doesn’t cost you anything

You get all the Insurance Broker’s expertise and knowledge of the industry without any cost to you. The Insurance Companies they represent pay the Broker a commission, not the customer. There is no financial incentive for an Insurance Broker to use one Insurance Company over another. For us, it is always about getting the best product available and pricing for your specific needs.

Insurance Brokers are Licensed

This is important, having a license means Insurance Brokers have a legal responsibility to be your advocate. The Insurance Industry is regulated state by state, so having an Insurance Broker who is licensed in your state is important to getting the exact coverage you need. Prestige Insurance Group is currently licensed in Connecticut.

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